Non-profit sector

Result-oriented working and efficiency go hand in hand with social meaning and job satisfaction.

What we do for the Non-Profit sector

Drives determine what motivates people. Particularly because of financial cuts and the pressure to achieve concrete results, people in the non-profit sector have to be motivated in the right way. We ensure that people remain empowered also in changing circumstances.

Call for concrete results

Cogito-ES helps the organization fulfill society’s increasing demands. Non-profit means that it is not about profit. But if there is one sector where there is most need for concrete results, it is the non-profit sector. The organization and the people in it must respond to that.


Management Drives software provides insight into the factors that motivate people and gives organizations tools enabling them to operate more effectively and efficiently and to improve their performance. At the same time, we bear in mind the social function and position, but also the intrinsic motivation of the people working in the non-profit sector. We empower people, in line with the organization’s goal and changing social demands.