From an individual perspective…

  • Where does the company stands for … ?
  • What does the company really expects from me?
  • How will I fit in my new team?

Your new team:

  • Are the objectives clear?
  • Is it clear what really drives my colleagues?
  • Do they know what drives you?

Cogito-ES helps you in a personalized way to better understand what your strengths are, and how to deal with potential pitfalls. Cogito-ES uses a methodology to see how you will fit within the new team.


stands for courage, speed and strength


wants to create clarity and certainty


puts people and interpersonal relationships first


wants to show progress, results and achievements


serving attitude and creates bonds and security


wants to analyse, understand and explore in depth

An individual profile is the result of the survey-software, shown in four recognisable ‘graphs’: Logic, Rejection, Energy Balance and Mindset.

Logic shows the sequence in which someone is motivated.

Rejection shows a person’s allergies.

Energy Balance shows what energises a person and what drains energy.

Mindset shows us the possible behaviour under pressure.