From a company perspective...

You, as a director, know the challenges of your company, on the short and on the longer term …


Your team(s):

  • Do they know them too?
  • Do yo know what really drives them?
  • Would you like to be able to see what drives them?
  • Do they know what drives you?
  • Do they show the right behavior to face these challenges?
  • Do you need extra resources, or can you teach your team(s) the expected behaviour?

Cogito- ES offers you the insights to be able to outperform, together with a motivated and involved team.

Step 1, Purple Yellow:
Mission and vision, relates to who we are and where we are going. Identity, core values and being proud are expressly linked to the purple drive. Vision, long-term developments, the surroundings and the broader perspective expressly belong to yellow.

Step 2, Orange Red:
Strategy and focus, translates mission and vision into concrete strategy and targets. Here it must be mentioned what the risks are and what we are and are not going to do. Making choices, create a focus.

Step 3, Blue Green:
Organise and communicate, concerns determining how we are going to achieve the formulated goals, what agreements we will make and how we will ensure that the people are and remain on board.