Manager Feedback gives insight into behaviour and improves the functioning of your team and your organisation.
Manager Feedback software gives you insight into how others experience your behaviour in a specific situation. These insights help you in your daily functioning. You are given tools for your own development and for the way in which you view your environment. This self-insight and improved view of your environment thus help improve the functioning of your team and your organisation.

Candidates and Respondents
It is possible to do the MD Feedback variant per candidate or team. The distinguishing feature is that the respondents give feedback to a person or in the team variant that everyone gives each other feedback.

Feedback Survey
The Feedback survey measures behaviour and thus shows WHAT and HOW you do something. The software collects the results of the respondents and candidates and translates these into an MD Feedback profile. The survey is available in Dutch, French and English and you complete it on your computer.

Feedback Mirror
The result of the Feedback survey is an MD Feedback mirror. This mirror contains the behaviour in four categories (balance/not present/exaggerated and negative behaviour) and three development themes (retain/develop and let go). With this insight, you are able to improve yourself, team and organisation.